Animal Emergency Clinic of Rockford

The Animal Emergency Clinic of Rockford (AEC) is committed to you and your pet.  Our mission is to provide top-quality emergency care for your sick or injured pet.  

To achieve this goal, we pledge to:
-Provide a friendly, safe and comfortable environment for our clients and their pets.
-Attend to your pet quickly and address life-threatening situations promptly and professionally.
-Maintain the highest medical and ethical standards.
-Provide the best quality of care.
Dr. Thrall performs surgery on a dog with a hemoabdomen.

Surgery in our state of the art surgery room.


This clinic is designed to provide information and care after normal business hours. Our hospital has state-of-the-art on-site laboratory, digital radiology, ultrasound and surgical services available with the ability to provide both urgent care and critical care needs for the pets of the greater Rockford area.  

The veterinarians of 19 local veterinary hospitals are shareholders in the AEC and all provide input to the management and medical philosophies of our clinic.  We encourage our clients to discuss their experiences at the AEC with their primary veterinarian to provide important feedback that helps to improve our services.  

In a truly life-threatening situation, minutes may make the difference between life and death.  To expedite appropriate care, please call prior to leaving or en route if possible so that we can set up if needed.  

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