Your pets are the Animal Emergency Clinic of Rockford’s priority

We hope your pets remain healthy, safe and never need our emergency care! However, when the unexpected happens, our hospital is fully staffed, stocked and ready to care for your pet’s emergent and critical care needs.

Most people are comfortable with their veterinarian and have a good relationship with them, however, they can not be available for consultation all the time. The veterinarians of Rockford and the surrounding areas trust us to care for your pet outside their regular business hours. If you have a question or concern about your pet when your veterinarian is closed, please call our professional staff to help you determine if an exam and treatment are warranted.


Spring time is a common time for toxins. February brings Valentines candy, Easter brings more candy and then getting ready for winter is often kicked off by changing antifreeze, working on cars, painting and planting flowers. All these events can be dangerous to our 4 legged friends. Take extra care and be especially cautious with puppies and young animals.


The weather will be getting very hot faster than we think. The summer brings it’s own set of emergencies. Heat stroke, wounds, dog fights, eating rotten stuff outside and toxin ingestion are all more common in the summer. Keep a close eye on your dog while on a walk and be sure to provide plenty of water.


The Animal Emergency Clinic (AEC) is aware that medical services can be expensive. A Staff member will present you with various options for your pets care. We encourage our clients to discuss treatment options and the associated costs with the Doctor. The AEC offers a variety of payment options: Care Credit, Visa, Master Card, American Express, personal checks as well as cash.
Care Credit “Pay My Provider link” may be used to pay via Care Credit from any device that can get on the internet making payment more convenient. Please call the clinic for details before using this payment tool.

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